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Condo Rental

Are You Prepared for the Unthinkable?
If your condo is broken into tomorrow, are your valuables covered? Three Star Brokerage, Inc. provides condo rental insurance to condo renters in Brooklyn, NY, and surrounding areas.
Don’t rely on your condo association’s master policies to protect your personal items. Their policies only cover damage to their buildings and property. When you sign up for condo rental insurance, your personal items will be covered in the event that they get damaged or stolen.
Reach out to us right away to sign up for condo rental insurance.

A typical condo renter’s insurance plan includes liability coverage, personal belongings protection, and coverage for additional living expenses should your current condo become uninhabitable.
Three Star Brokerage provides condo rental insurance policies in Brooklyn, NY, that:
Pay hotel expenses if your condo is undergoing repairs after a disaster.
Protect you from damage caused to the building or condo association’s property. Reimburse you for personal belongings that are damaged or stolen.

Contact Three Star Brokerage at (718) 837-7777 to help you find the perfect condo rental insurance policy

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